Prayer…Answered…Threefold (Part I)

I was so tired after my visit to No.130 that I fell asleep very early that night.  However, I remember praying specifically for the furnishing situation before dozing off.    My perfect answer to my prayer would be that a minister planning to retire will be downsizing and so would be looking to give away most of their household items for a small donation.

The next day, I started making a list of things that needed to be purchased for the house.  As the list grew so did my anxiety level – O ye, of little faith |Matthew 8:26.

A few days later, we received an email which read “EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE IS YOURS”!  This email was from our landlord.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, he had put the place up for sale and it was now sold.  He wanted to rid the place of everything as he didn’t want the burden of clearing up for the new owners.

He didn’t want any money for them!  How generous!  He felt that the Minister was doing a good job and he wanted to contribute to his ministry in some way!!!

We now had the key items like fridge, freezer, bed, washing machine etc to function in the new house.

Our God is indeed a God who not only hears but answers prayers!