The John Lewis Saga

Among other things, we also had to buy a cooker for No.130.

Up in Scotland, I always used an Aga.  Budget permitting, I would have easily purchased one.   It was going to cost thousands of pounds and the area allocated for the cooker in No 130 was only 60cm!

Since I spend most of my time in the kitchen cooking and baking, I wanted to take my time to look for a good cooker.   I suggested to the Mhinisteir that we should buy a portable induction hob and do with it until we had a bit more time to look for a cooker.  He agreed.

It took a bit of adjusting to function without an oven but in no time we were ready to purchase the cooker.

We went to our local John Lewis to order the small Rangemaster that the Mhinisteir had seen online.  It was exactly 60cm!   The bad news was that John Lewis didn’t stock the small Rangemaster.  They could order one for us but told us to take the measurements again and come in the next day.  It was strange as we had already taken the measurements and we were sure that it was the Rangemaster we wanted.

Anyway, we finally ordered one and were told that we would hear from John Lewis the following week.  The weeks turned into a month and still no news from John Lewis despite the Minister going into the store to enquire.  Apparently they had no record of our order!

Reluctantly I used their online complaints form.  Still no sign of the cooker.  Just a standard apology.   Finally, things were beginning to look up in week 6.   I got a call from John Lewis customer service to say that the cooker will be delivered that Thursday. Phew!!!!

At last, the cooker was delivered and installed successfully.

I was so looking forward to using it.   However, in the Lord’s providence it was not meant to be……….

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