High or Low?

What is your Churchmanship?

This is a question that I sometimes overhear people asking the Minister.  Recently I decided to ask myself that same question.  What is my Churchmanship?  Before I answered that question, I first needed to find out what Churchmanship actually meant!

I have been in the COE for the last two years.  I am still trying to find my way around.  I quite enjoyed my time at my local parish church until we moved to No.130.  These days I go to the church that the Minister is attached to.   It is not a high church.  It is what they call in England middle of the road.  I have to admit that I don’t feel at home there.  I enjoy the 8am service which is a traditional BCP service and the Evensong.  However I struggle with the 10am informal service.

In the short time that I have been in England, much to my surprise I feel very at home in a high church setting.   I appreciate the reverence and quietness in the Church service.  I also quite like the fact that they are not children or activity orientated.   I have to admit that I am not fond of the incense and bells but I rather have those than children running riot during the service or jokes being made about God from the pulpit.

So here you have it…….I am Evangelical in theology but SACRAMENTAL in worship.



Good News

Finally some good news!  We have been reunited with our earthly possessions at last!  Phew! What a relief!

We learnt from the storage company that the mix up actually happened on the day that the storage people came to collect the items from our Highland home. That was a good few years ago!!!!

However, some of my things appear to be missing but thankfully the boxes haven’t been all unpacked so I am praying that these items are lurking some where.

O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens – Psalm 8:1