I am David

I am David is a book that I read recently.   It is an old children’s book written in 1963.  It was given to me by a 92 year old friend.  She thought I will enjoy the book and enjoy I did.

It is a fiction about an orphan who escapes a concentration camp and heads out to Denmark with severe trials along the way.

It is a very grown up Children’s book.  I loved the way he always started his prayers with “God of the pastures green and still waters” and ended them with  “I am David.  Amen”

Highly recommended!


The Missing Bath

You will by now be quite used to things going missing in our lives so here’s another story about the missing bath.

A few months before we moved to No.130, we had the opportunity to view the property.  Sadly the tenant was rushing off so we only had 5 minutes to view the house.

We liked everything we saw.   I was quite relieved that it was a detached house as all the previous manses were detached properties.    However the house didn’t have a bath or at least I didn’t see one.

I quite like a bath and especially enjoy a nice long soak during the winter months.

I decided to pray over it hoping that the diocese will somehow miraculously provide a bath so imagine my delight when I saw the bath on the day we moved into No.130!

I still don’t know how I didn’t see the bath all those months ago but all I could say was my prayers were answered!!!