2017 – Annus Horribilis

is how I would sum up 2017 if I wasn’t a Christian.  Simply for the following reasons…..

02 January 2017

Mice problem.  I absolutely hate them and so I was terrorised by the thought of them being in the house.

End of January 2017

We were informed by our elderly landlord that due to unforeseen circumstance he was selling the house that we were temporarily renting and so we had to move out asap as he was hoping to make a quick sale!  Where will we go?

01 March 2017

We were confronted by road rage on our way back from a Lent course.  There were at least 3 young men armed with metal rods.   Our car was abruptly stopped on a quiet road and out came these 3 young men from their car.  They tried to open the door to the driver’s seat and it was only literally seconds before that I had asked the minister to lock the car.  I dread to think what would have happened if the doors had remained unlocked.   You see we don’t lock our cars or our house doors up in the Highlands of Scotland!  I have never been so calm in my life before but I must confess that the whole incident bothered me a great deal and added to my homesickness for Scotland.

End April 2017 until now

I became seriously unwell after being misdiagnosed 4 times.  At one point there was a serious threat to my life as the consultant was convinced that the infection had spread to my brain.   It has been a life changing experience with permanent damage to my health.   I am not able to leave the house on my own these days.  I conserve all my energy to be in Church on Sundays other than that my bed has become my companion.

27 August 2017

No 130 was burgled!  We have never been burgled before.  Again, having lived in the Scottish Highlands we never bothered with security as our neighbours acted as our security.   We didn’t even bother locking the doors!  It was a very unsettling experience.  I must confess that until today I still am a little nervous.  The whole house was turned upside down.  Strangely, the burglars went away with very little not that we had plenty in the house anyway.

 October 2017

We were informed by the storage company that ALL our earthly possessions that were in storage in the Highlands of Scotland had gone missing! Thankfully most of the items have been found but sadly some still remain missing.

Despite it being an extremely difficult year and having brushed death not once but twice, I cannot but echo the words of the Psalmist…….

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for though art with me and thy rod and thy staff shall comfort me – Psalm 23:4






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