Book Review

The Work of the Pastor

I have just finished reading “The Work of the Pastor” by William Still.

It is an old book written in the 80s by William Still who was the Minister of Gilcomston Church of Scotland in Aberdeen and has since passed away.

It is an excellent book explaining the Work of the Pastor.  According to Still, the main duty of the Pastor is to feed the sheep through the Word of God.   I am not one for reading theological books but I was gripped by this book and found myself agreeing with him.

I find that I am no longer fed on a Sunday as I used to be.  I go to Church hungry and come back home hungry and angry! Over these 2 years I have become increasingly frustrated.  In fact that is the only reason why I ended up reading this book from the Mhinisteir’s library.    My observation is that people who come to Church Sunday by Sunday want to be fed but sadly we are given no food or junk food.

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