Absent Friends

In January 2018 alone, we heard of three deaths.  Deaths of men whom we knew very well from our Scotland days.   Usually when I hear of a death, I like to spend some time thinking about the person and usually the good times that I have had with them.   Sadly, it is not always possible to go to the funerals.

As  I did my usual thinking, I was very quickly reminded that we had lost contact with all three of them. Why??? I kept asking myself before I came up with the following reason.

It is a peculiar reason but every time we move away, the relationship begins to cool.  Phone calls and letters go unanswered.  It is genuinely sad because we had such good times together and we had promised to pray for one another and to keep in touch.

I still don’t know the real reason why this is the case….

As  I mourn the loss of my friends who I once held dear….. I prefer to hold on to the good memories I have had with them.

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