A small cottage

Since the new year, I have been interested in buying a wee cottage up in the Highlands of Scotland.   The cottage will act as a holiday base for us but it is to be used as a retreat place for our minister friends.

My very unrealistic Budget is £30,000.

Humanly speaking, you will not even be able to buy a wee shed but that is the figure that came to my head.

Oh! I should add that I do not have a penny towards the £30,000 Budget.

If the Lord provides us with the cottage and the money, then the plan will go ahead!

Watch the space!



I quite fancy a housekeeper.

My health is improving but I am not yet in the pink of health.

It will be wonderful to have some help around the house especially somebody who will be able to attend to people at the door.

The burglary has left me feeling a little nervous.  A live in housekeeper will mean we have additional security especially when we are away from the house.

I also fancy a wee chocolate Labrador.  In our household, Owning a dog is only possible with a housekeeper.




Church Calendar

I am only now trying to get used to the COE’s Church calendar.  I was hoping to get a “wee break” after Christmas  so was a little confused and agitated when we were still singing Christmas carols in January!!!! I was told it was Epiphany.  A few weeks later, it was Lent.

Advent, Epiphany, Lent……… Is there no end???

Coming from Scotland where Christmas is still not celebrated in some parts of the Highlands let alone Good Friday and Easter, I am so lost.


The Scottish Presbyterian practice (at least the system) that I am familiar with is that we have no holy days.  Every Sunday is Easter.  We are supposed to remember the death and the resurrection of Christ.  Sadly, most churches don’t practice it.  I am not even sure that they remember anymore.

Shortly before I left Scotland, I learnt that in the National Church, Lent was beginning to “creep” in.  I say “creep” in because I have never heard of Protestants practising Lent.  It was drummed in my head that Lent and Holy days were practices of the Roman Catholics.   I still don’t understand the meaning of Lent and don’t know why people including non church goers feel obliged to observe Lent by giving up chocolates etc.

In Scotland, Christmas was a very low key affair.  Simple Christmas decorations go up on the first week of December and were taken down on the 1st week of January – more accurately as and when it suited me!!!!).

However, it is only this year that I have learnt that there is a certain time to put up and take down decorations!!!!!

It is good to be aware of the Church Calendar as our minds will then be constantly focused on Christ who is the central figure of our faith but I find it all very exhausting.

I prefer to stick to the simpler way of doing things.  Church on Sundays, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and finally Christmas!