Update – The Passion Play

The Passion Play was a tremendous success.  Not because the Mhinisteir was playing the lead role but because it was so well produced.

The play was held on two evenings (Friday and Saturday).  There was no charge but the donations were in lieu of the local homeless charity.

The Church was full on both evenings.  They even had some of their homeless friends attending.

As mentioned in one of my earlier entries, I was not at all keen for the Mhinisteir to participate.  I went on both evenings just to provide moral support to the Mhinisteir. I came out of both evenings deeply moved by the whole Easter message.

I sincerely hope that other Churches will learn through events like these to enable people to have a meaningful Easter ( Please see blog entry dated 8 May 2018).


ps: The Mhinisteir took me to Scotts of Mayfair for a special meal to celebrate the successful completion of the play!

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