Aaargh….. I’ve had enough!

This year was my first experience of Holy Week.   Lent lasted 40 days ago and I can’t say that I enjoyed the 40 days.  It felt a drag.

Holy Week was particularly challenging for me health wise so I wasnt able to attend all the services but I tried my best to attend most of it.   I was completely exhausted physically.

By the time Easter Sunday came I was completely fed up with Good Friday and Easter.  My first thoughts were that never again am I going to celebrate Easter.  I was so fed up because we were singing the same hymns and going through the same rituals day in and day out without knowing the reasons behind it.  Nobody was able to explain to me why we did all these things.  Even the Mhinisteir was baffled by all the going ons! All these rituals reminded me of the Roman Catholic Church.  I wanted to scream “I am a Protestant”!!!!!!!

In Scotland, Good Friday and Easter are not marked by special services and I am afraid that is how I prefer to keep it.

Everything was just so bleak and mournful.  I believe that we worship a risen saviour but in our circles it all felt very funereal and depressing.  It all felt very dramatic too.

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