Thy Kingdom Come

Between Ascension Day and Pentecost, the COE encourages its Churches to hold services in conjunction with the Thy Kingdom Come initiative ( initiated by the Archbishops Canterbury and York).

Everyday for one week, there is morning and evening prayer at 8am and 4pm respectively.  What is the point of these services when most people are out at work during these times? Traffic is atrocious at both times but then it is to be expected in a busy city like ours.  More importantly, people are already struggling to attend Church services on a Sunday let alone during the week.  Personally I would try to  keep the third commandment (Keep the Sabbath Day Holy) instead of attending countless services during the week especially when the Church doesn’t really know why it is doing what it is doing!

I am afraid I am with Angela Tilby ( Church Times dated 27 April 2018).  No doubt the Evangelical Brigade will be up in arms.

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