The Day Wonderbra got a mention in the sermon!

A few weeks ago, our Vicar was doing Evensong.

The Vicar was preaching from the Song of Solomon.  He started his sermon with an illustration using Wonderbra.  I was so shocked to hear it from the pulpit that I couldn’t concentrate afterwards!!!!!

After all these weeks, I am still in shock and think that it was totally unnecessary.


Box of Mangoes

A fortnight ago, we had a retired Professor and his Wife visit us at No 130.  It was a very pleasant afternoon and we enjoyed our time with them.   Due to my illness, we have had to postpone the appointment by a year.  The professor very kindly brought us a box of mangoes that he had bought from an Asian grocer!!!!!!! I have never eaten such sweet mangoes before and I don’t think I ever will but they were just gorgeous!!!!


The Uninvited Guest

Friday 11 May 2018 was the start of the Thy kingdom com initiative in our Church.  The Mhinisteir left just before 7.30am to conduct morning prayer in the Church.

Since it was a sunny morning, I decided to air the sitting room which we don’t use often and so proceeded to unlock it.  The moment I stepped into the room,  I noticed that there was something wrong.  What was wrong? A painting on the wall was displaced.  Just as I was thinking what might have caused it, there was a loud noise.  Sounded like wings flapping.  I started screaming.  Why? I have no idea!!!! Thankfully I hadn’t completely  taken leave of my senses.  I calmed myself down and saw that it was a bird, flapping it’s wings furiously.   A Pigeon to be precise! I quickly ran out of the room and pulled the door shut.  Then I texted the Mhinisteir asking him to ring me after morning prayer.

i did a quick Google search to see how I could get rid of the Pigeon.  Just then I heard the car, I assumed the Mhinisteir got my message. It transpired he didn’t!!!!  He made a few phone calls trying to get help.  Some were not available while the others were afraid of birds!  We left the French door open but the Pigeon refused to budge. I told the Mhinisteir that we can’t wait longer and must use the bedsheet method.  Alas it proved to be effective but only after much coaxing.  A lot of damage had been done to the room by this lone Pigeon.  I was a little annoyed but quite thankful that it wasn’t another burglary or any other pests that I couldnt cope with.






The Missing car key

Just as we were leaving the house for Evensong, the Mhinisteir realised he couldn’t find his car keys.  It was rather unusual as he is super organised.  So the search began for the car key ….. we searched high and low but couldn’t find the key.  We decided that we will use the spare key.  We didn’t want to be late as the Mhinisteir was leading Evensong.

Just as we were walking to the car, the Mhinisteir exclaimed that the car wasn’t locked and he saw that the key was still in the ignition!  It was a miracle that nobody went away with the car.



Our Vicar has left for a new position in another part of the country.   Yesterday was his last Sunday with us.  There was a party for him after the service.  Unfortunately the service itself became a Vicar worship service which I found cringeworthy.  Due to my health condition, I couldn’t stay behind for the party.

I have learnt a new word INTERREGNUM.  In Scotland, we call it a vacancy.


The Excited Mhinisteir

The Mhinisteir never gets excited.  He is always as cool as a cucumber.   As usual, the Church Times came in the post this afternoon. The Mhinisteir is looking for a new appointment.  I have stopped looking at the jobs and appointments as it has become depressing.  Almost all the parishes want miracle workers!!!!  The Mhinisteir has unusually taken a fancy to one of the positions and is very excited about it.   Guess what?  He has sent in an informal enquiry!!!!


Ecclesiastical Insurance

Our car insurance was coming up for renewal. We got a letter from our current insurance provider saying that they are no longer providing car insurance.  I often see an advert by Ecclesiastical Insurance in the Church Times and so asked the Mhinisteir to give them a call.

The first time he rang he was told that there was no one to help him as everyone in the office was in staff training!!!! He was told that someone will get back to him.  One week had passed and no one got back to him.  He decided to ring them again.   Someone who was disinterested attended to him and quoted him a price  of £900! Needless to say that Ecclesiastical Insurance is not our current car insurance provider! The Mhinisteir managed to get one for just under £ 300!




The broken blender

A few weeks ago, I accidentally placed my food processor plastic bowl on top of my stove! Needless to say it melted and so I had to throw it away.  I was reluctant to buy a new one immediately as it would mean additional expense.  The Mhinisteir pestered me to get a new one quickly as I am very dependent on the food processor especially now with my present health condition.

I decided to pray that I will somehow become the proud owner of yet another food processor without the expense.   Last week, I was looking for something in my kitchen cupboard and I came across a big box.  Upon opening it, I discovered a brand new hand blender set! It is not a food processor but it has most of the functions of a food processor and it works!!!! PTL!!!