The Car MOT

Our 16 year old car was a gift.  We got it when it was only 3 years old and it is a diesel car.  We have had no problem with the car.  Sadly the friend who gave us the car passed away so the car has got tremendous sentimental value.

The Mhinisteir dropped the car off at the garage for its annual MOT first thing this morning.  He came back looking glum!   The garage had told him that the car WILL NOT pass the MOT  as the government is clamping down on old diesel cars.  The Mhinisteir was dejected.  Where are we to find a replacement car at such short notice and how are we going to pay for it?!  I was very sure that the car will not fail the test and that we will get it back.  The Mhinisteir wasn’t convinced.  I reminded him about Daniel and his friends.  The furnace was real but they came out unharmed.

Finally the call came from the garage and it was good news.  The car had indeed passed the MOT.  However, a lot of work needed to be done to the car.  Once again we rejoiced because the Lord had prepared us way in advance by sending us a cheque through a friend which covered the repair cost nicely.

We celebrated the good news with a Chinese takeaway!


The Roast Potato & The Chipped Tooth

The Mhinisteir is convinced that yesterday’s Roast Sunday lunch(the roast potatoes in particular) is the reason behind his chipped tooth.

Due to the discomfort, he called the local dental clinic for an emergency appointment and miraculously he gotone for 11.15am the same day!   Unfortunately we had to decide against going to the Diocesean office for the talk on pension but I am not disappointed.

The Mhinisteir got to see a nice dentist who patched the chipped tooth temporarily.  I didn’t expect the appointment to go so well.   All I can say is Praise the Lord!