After the rain…

We finally experienced our first droplets of rain after almost two months.

The Mhinisteir and I decided to sit outside and enjoy the rain for a few minutes.  I can’t believe I am actually typing this for we used to moan about the rain when we were in Scotland for it rained ALL the time!!!

The smell of rain was just beautiful.   It brought back so many happy memories!



A few months ago, there was an infant baptism at our morning service.  I have never seen the parents before.  There were alot of young couples with babies in tow.   As more and more people came into the church the decibel level increased. Sadly the whole worship atmosphere changed.  The sermon was hardly audible and the vicar was rushing through the service to cater to the baptism group who were allowed to take over.  However I cannot in all sincerity blame them as it is the Church’s responsibility to brief them on church etiquette.

I am genuinely curious as to why infant baptism is important to them when they are not church goers.   I personally feel that the church has become slaves to people and panders to all their whims and fancies instead of showing them the truth, the way and the life.



For almost a fortnight, we have been assaulted by heatwave.  I have never ever experienced a heatwave in Scotland before.  I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but it is exhausting!!! Sleepless nights are beginning to take a toll on me.  My already dizzy head becomes worse if I haven’t had a good night’s sleep.  It is so hard to keep cool at night.  We have a small fan but it can only do so much.

According to news reports, we have not had a single drop of rain since May 28.  For the first time in my life I am going to start praying for rain!!!!!!


The Church in Panic

It is much easier to do something than to trust in God; we see the activity and mistake panic for inspiration. That is why we see so few fellow workers with God, yet so many people working for God. We would much rather work for God than believe in Him – Quoted in My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers dated 2 June.

Recently, I was on the phone to my parents and ended up listening to their Church woes.  It sounded all too familiar.  I have friends and family all over the world and we spend most of our time discussing church issues.  They all belong to different denominations but their complaints are the same.  No solid teaching, too many activities, elderly are overlooked and church politics to name a few.

As I was thinking about these things, I concluded that the global church is in a state of panic.  Decline in church numbers has caused the church to go into a state of panic.   Now that they are panicking they are sadly willing to do and try anything.  They have introduced the world into the church hoping that the heathen will start coming.  The churches only request is that do anything you want in the church but just don’t leave us!

If that is not a sign of panic, then I don’t know what is…..

I am sad but also annoyed that the Church has all the answers to its problems but tragically they are oblivious to it!!!!!

All the Church has to do is Sunday by Sunday preach the gospel faithfully.  Sadly that is the one thing that the Church refuses to do.   God help us!


Royal Wedding 2018

19 May 2018 was the day of the Royal wedding.  We don’t own a television.  Due to my complex health condition, I couldn’t have watched it anyway.  However I wasn’t keen to listen to it on radio either.  I wasn’t disinterested but I wasn’t as excited as the other Royal wedding in 2011.  I just saw a few photos on the BBC news website.

I came across a YouTube video a week or so after the wedding.  I am not into YouTube but the title of the video ” First hymn at Royal wedding” was a bit too tempting.  I played it but couldn’t watch the whole video as my head started spinning – one of the side effects. I fast forwarded it to see the end.  I am so observant that I noticed that the bride’s veil had been lifted.   I was interested to know whether it happened during the hymn and so I rewound the video a little.  I caught a glimpse of the Prince lifting his bride’s veil during the hymn.

I was super disappointed as singing is part of our worship to God and we shouldn’t be doing these things while singing.  It is no wonder that people don’t know what happens in church anymore let alone behave.  A senior cleric like the ABC should set a good example and not make life difficult for the rest of the clergy.





Birthday Meal @ The Shard

The Mhinisteir celebrated his birthday on the first week of July.  Sadly, we were not able to celebrate on that day as he had a wedding and a school fete.

However, we decided that we would celebrate it during our time in London.

A booking was made at The Shard Shangrila for lunch this afternoon.

The day got off  to a wobbly start.  We had gone to the tube station and it was then that the Super organised me realised that I had left our Oyster cards in our room.  We had to go and get them and start all over again.  With my current health condition it is a lot of work but it had to be done.  The tube ride made my head very dizzy and I was beginning to feel sick.  The heat was overbearing too.  We finally made it to the Shard and were treated to the most beautiful view of London.  The restaurant was situated on the 35th floor.  The view was just spectacular!

The food was excellent and the service was good too.

We ended up having spent very little money as everything except the main course was complimentary.  The Mhinisteir commented that the waiter was very kind.  My reply to him….God was very kind!!!!