Birthday Meal @ The Shard

The Mhinisteir celebrated his birthday on the first week of July.  Sadly, we were not able to celebrate on that day as he had a wedding and a school fete.

However, we decided that we would celebrate it during our time in London.

A booking was made at The Shard Shangrila for lunch this afternoon.

The day got off  to a wobbly start.  We had gone to the tube station and it was then that the Super organised me realised that I had left our Oyster cards in our room.  We had to go and get them and start all over again.  With my current health condition it is a lot of work but it had to be done.  The tube ride made my head very dizzy and I was beginning to feel sick.  The heat was overbearing too.  We finally made it to the Shard and were treated to the most beautiful view of London.  The restaurant was situated on the 35th floor.  The view was just spectacular!

The food was excellent and the service was good too.

We ended up having spent very little money as everything except the main course was complimentary.  The Mhinisteir commented that the waiter was very kind.  My reply to him….God was very kind!!!!














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