Royal Wedding 2018

19 May 2018 was the day of the Royal wedding.  We don’t own a television.  Due to my complex health condition, I couldn’t have watched it anyway.  However I wasn’t keen to listen to it on radio either.  I wasn’t disinterested but I wasn’t as excited as the other Royal wedding in 2011.  I just saw a few photos on the BBC news website.

I came across a YouTube video a week or so after the wedding.  I am not into YouTube but the title of the video ” First hymn at Royal wedding” was a bit too tempting.  I played it but couldn’t watch the whole video as my head started spinning – one of the side effects. I fast forwarded it to see the end.  I am so observant that I noticed that the bride’s veil had been lifted.   I was interested to know whether it happened during the hymn and so I rewound the video a little.  I caught a glimpse of the Prince lifting his bride’s veil during the hymn.

I was super disappointed as singing is part of our worship to God and we shouldn’t be doing these things while singing.  It is no wonder that people don’t know what happens in church anymore let alone behave.  A senior cleric like the ABC should set a good example and not make life difficult for the rest of the clergy.




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