One year Anniversary

27th August marks one year of the burglary at @ 130.

I still find it difficult to type or even say the word burglary.  It really shook me and discouraged me a great deal.  However I thank God for keeping us safe from all harm and danger this past year.  Blessed be the name of the Lord!


Educated to Imbecility

On our most recent trip to London, the Mhinisteir and I joined a dozen people at the traffic lights.  Our patience turned to impatience when the lights didn’t change after a few minutes. Some people on the opposite end were getting so impatient that they were attempting to jaywalk!  There were about 50 of us in total on both ends waiting at the traffic lights but strangely it didn’t occur to any of us that we needed to PRESS the button in order for the lights to change!


Over enthusiastic Ordinand

We had an ordinand from one of the neighbouring theological colleges on a month long attachment.

Within a day of arrival, he had earned himself the nickname “talker” courtesy of an octogenarian member!

I saw him for the first time on that Sunday.  I found him to be too forward.

A few days later, I heard that he had put his foot in when he took it upon himself to complain to the church warden about cobwebs in the Church!!! As expected, it didn’t go down well to say the least!!!!



I am absolutely petrified of Mickey!  I think you can guess  which creature I am referring to.  My first encounter with them was in Edinburgh and then it was in England last year.

I decided to look out of our window and was horrified to see Mickey hurrying back and forth on our driveway in broad daylight!!!! I was so terrified and still am.

I just pray that God will keep them away from me and the house!


Where are my kidneys?

The past week has been quite challenging for me.  I suffered another health setback.

I had to see the doctor as my condition wasn’t improving…..he assured me that it was a common problem but needed to be sure that my condition hasn’t worsened before prescribing me with a course of antibiotics.

One of the questions he asked was is there any pain in either of my kidneys? For the life of me, I couldn’t remember where my kidneys were????  Obviously, I couldn’t ask him where my kidneys were in case he thought I was a right numpty.

Anyway, I managed to regain my composure and gave him a confident no!



Heavenly isle seeks new minister screamed the newspaper headlines!

There is a vacancy for a Church of Scotland minister on the Isle of Tiree.  I was super excited.  The Mhinisteir and I know of one of their previous minister who has since passed away.

Anyone who has been following this blog will know all about my love for Scotland but the Mhinisteir feels that our place for now is in England but I also know and have experienced God working in mysterious ways.



Death of a former parishioner

We received the sad news that a former parishioner in Scotland had passed away.  It is always very sad to hear news of former parishioners death.  It came quite as a shock as I was planning to send her a birthday card to mark her birthday towards the end of July.  M had passed away a few days before her 88th birthday.

I have been postponing writing to her family as I had not overcome the shock.  However, I forced myself to sit down and write the sympathy cards this afternoon.  The Mhinisteir was away conducting yet another wedding in Church!

By the time I had finished writing, I was overcame by great sadness.  The Mhinisteir and I first met M almost 15 years ago…. M was a spinster.  We have got so many happy memories.  M and I even worked together.

It was only today for the first time that it struck me how powerful and important memories are.  I was so overcame by emotion that I am still nursing a tension headache!

As they say in the COE, may she rest in peace and rise in glory!


A special visit

We had a special visit to No 130 from the Bishop’s Chaplain today!

I still don’t know the purpose of the Chaplain’s visit.   The Mhinisteir had assured me that it was an informal visit.   I don’t know this person at all but a quick check in Crockfords told me that the Chaplain was quite young.  Certainly younger than us both.

I used most of my energy to bake a nice cake to go with tea.  After the relentless heat all these many weeks,  it was bucketing down today.  Unfortunately I was beginning to feel unwell even before the Chaplain appeared.

After all the formalities, we sat down for tea.  I noticed that the Chaplain was armed with a notebook and was feverishly writing down all that was said.  I was beginning to get concerned as I was told that it was an informal meeting.

Anyway, according to the Mhinisteir, the meeting went well.

Like I mentioned earlier, I still don’t know the purpose of the visit! But I was so so exhausted after the visit and had to go to bed early.