The Art of Calligraphy

I have decided to take up Calligraphy as a hobby.  I feel obliged to put it in my blog so that it will shame me into being disciplined about learning it.

I have always wanted to learn but have shyed away from it because I am left handed.  All the things of this world are catered to right handed people and so I didn’t know how or where I could learn Calligraphy the left handed way.  Thankfully I have found a few websites and books to point me in the right direction.

Hopefully I would have made some progress this time next year ( God willing).


Blood Test

A week ago, the doctor ordered a blood test and I finally got my test results today.  Very thankful to the Almighty  that nothing sinister was found as the doctor was concerned. Unfortunately they are not able to get to the bottom of the problem but they have found out that I have anaemia for which I have been prescribed iron tablets.  I will need to go for another blood test in the near future.


Peace and PDA

I find it a little awkward shaking the hands of people during the peace.  I often wish that the Vicar would somehow forget that bit of the service and go straight to the offertory hymn.  Wishful thinking on my part I know!!!

Anyway, the situation sometimes gets a bit embarrassing if I am surrounded by married couples as they tend to turn on the PDA during the Peace.  I actually don’t know where to look!!!!!

I sincerely want to know why married couples exchange peace in that particular manner.

I find it a bit OTT but then people would probably accuse me of being a Calvinistic killjoy which I probably am anyway!!!



The Controlling Curate

We have a controlling curate in our midst.  Since the departure of our Vicar, our controlling curate has decided to…… well basically control everything.  Unfortunately for this person, they seem to be under the illusion that they are the new incumbent.  New things are being introduced without anybody’s permission and everybody in the PCC are dancing to the curate’s tune.


PCC & its Politics


One of the things that amuses me about our own PCC is that one of our curates and their spouse both sit on the PCC.  I am amazed that non of the PCC members, including the two people concerned fail to see that there is a clear conflict of interest!

I got reminded of an old Church of Scotland minister who told the Mhinisteir when he was starting his ministry that Church politics is worse than normal politics!



Lady of Leisure” I replied.  To which the pint sized Asian doctor let out a gentle giggle.  I wished the setting was a bit different.   You see… I was in A&E.  Whatever was wrong with me wasn’t getting any better.  By the time, the weekend came, I was crippled with pain.  The Mhinisteir was not at all pleased with me.  He felt I wasn’t taking my condition seriously.  It was the bank holiday weekend but the Mhinisteir insisted we head to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, after a few tests, including a pregnancy test ( much to my amusement) I was prescribed with a second round of antibiotics and sent home.  We decided to have a quick bite at the Burger King in the hospital refectory and it was the best meal I had in 2 weeks!