29th October is a special day. It was on this day many moons ago that the Mhinisteir was inducted to a congregation.

Still remember it like yesterday. We had a flight to catch at 7am but the Mhinisteir was still looking for his black shoes at 6am! Very unlike him!

We had just arrived home the night before from a long haul flight so we were super jet lagged.

We marked the day with a special lunch at the Ivy.


Death of a Teacher

As I was catching up on my weekly dose of Scottish news, a death announcement in the Scotsman caught my eye. It was that of the Mhinisteir’s former teacher who had passed away.  I was shocked.  I quickly called out to the Mhinisteir to ask if he knew anything about it. He was more shocked than I was.

I will always remember him and be grateful for the advise he gave the Mhinisteir when he started his ministry – take your wife with you whenever you have to travel.


Magazine Subscription Palava!

How can a simple magazine subscription lead to so much of inconvenience and end up in my magazine subscription being cancelled?

The Lady is a quality magazine which I enjoy very much.  Unfortunately their subscription department seems to be incompetent.

For some strange reason, I have stopped receiving the magazines.  When I phoned their office, I was told that my direct debit was cancelled! I didn’t cancel it and so when I probed further I was told that their system had the habit of occasionally deleting direct debit details!!!!

After several phone calls during the course of two weeks,  very reluctantly I have decided to cancel my subscription only because the subscription department has no idea how to resolve the problem and they are determined to create a new account for me which means that I will be billed twice.

The magazine that is due to me is still outstanding despite assurances from 4 different people that it will be sent out the very day!  I am so cross that I have not received the magazine only because the magazine is just so good!



Not Christian enough?

As soon as we moved to England, I had an interview lined up for the post of office manager in a conservative evangelical COE.  I hadn’t worked for about 10 years so I was nervous but I was also excited at the same time as it was a Christian environment.

The whole interview process took 2 hours!  There were so many hurdles to cross before my final interview with the Vicar himself. There were 2 things that bothered me.  One was working on the Sabbath.  My Protestant upbringing means that we don’t work on the Sabbath.  The Vicar found that hard to accept.  Secondly, he said that because I was from up there meaning the Scottish Highlands he was afraid I would not fit in.  He said your form of worship is different to which I replied but we worship the same God.  Sadly he wasn’t convinced of that.

I was pretty disappointed then and still am that as Christians we find it difficult to accept others who are different from us.  Looking back I am relieved that I didn’t get the job because I no longer enjoy going out to work.  I prefer to be the Mhinisteir’s housekeeper aka Lady of Leisure!!!


Lack of Christian Fellowship

Something that is seriously missing in both our lives at the moment is good Christian fellowship.  In Scotland, we had plenty of that.  In fact, in excess!  I used to wonder why every other person who darkened the manse door felt obliged to discuss Theology.

Fastfoward to 2018 , I am asking the opposite question.  Why does no one want to talk about God????

In our present Church, which had an evangelical minister until recently, we never had fellowship with the Vicar and his Wife.  I have never been introduced to Mrs Vicar and have only seen her a handful of times in Church.

Our immediate Neighbour is a vicarage. Again we rarely see them.  Between Christmas and New Year, we always leave something for them on their door but not even an acknowledgement!

Coming from a tight knit community in the Scottish Highlands, this seems rather odd.  We seem to have moved from one extreme where we monitor our neighbours washing line to the other extreme where we don’t even acknowledge the existence of the other person!  I think you can guess which I prefer!!!!


Vicar for Dinner

We had our former Vicar and his Wife for dinner today.

Unfortunately I was feeling a lot worse for wear than usual so had to depend on the Mhinisteir for extensive help.

The menu was Carrot and Coconut soup, Scottish Steak Pie followed by Dark chocolate mousse.  It was a tremendous success and we had a great time of fellowship even though the Vicar and his Wife got lost and were delayed by an hour!


The Romancing Couple

Mr M has been coming to our church since his wife’s death in Summer 2017.  Mrs M ( not related) has been coming to our Church since January this year.

On our way to Evensong one Sunday evening, the Mhinisteir and I saw them hand in hand going for a stroll near the church!  It looks like  things have developed quite quickly!  Wedding bells may not be too far ahead!!!!