Part Two

The moment I stepped out of the plane. I was blown away. The place looked so familiar even though I had never been to Nice. Maybe,because it reminded me of airports in the Scottish Highlands! At immigration, no questions asked, just a big warm ” Welcome to Nice!”

The baggage collection area was small and fuss free. As we walked out of the airport there were plenty of taxis in the taxi rank just no takers. The driver spoke good English. We don’t speak French or so I thought – it was only after we got back home to the UK that the Mhinisteir casually mentioned that he did a French language course during his University days!

Our hotel was a stone’s throw away from the Promenade de Anglais. We got a lovely room with a sea. Being an island girl, I miss the sea terribly. It was only at checkout that we realised that we were given a superior room instead of the standard one that we had paid for.

Everywhere we went people were just so friendly. They literally dropped everything to help us.

All in all, It was a magical holiday. I have so fallen in love with Nice and its people. In my ignorance, I concluded that there is no where on earth that will even come close to my beloved Scotland but I might have just discovered her twin with better weather and no midges!


Bean A’ Mhinisteir in Nice


After two and a half years, we finally had our first foreign short holiday in Nice.

Prior to leaving, I am not sure that I was even looking forward to it. I was very nervous about flying again especially with my current health condition. I get a little claustrophobic too. I prefer aisle seats so had to pray extra for reserving seats and this is with British Airways! I had point blank refused to travel with Ryanair!!

I was waking up in cold sweats whenever I thought about the holiday.

However, I also was aware that because of me the Mhinisteir hadn’t had a holiday and that he could really do with one.

The day of our travel came and I decided to just stop thinking about the what ifs.

We went to Heathrow in a private chauffeured car which was a luxury.

Heathrow as always was chaotic. We avoided Heathrow when we lived in Scotland. But now we have no choice. It was about time we got used to the chaos of London Heathrow anyway!

The Mhinisteir didn’t appreciate the chaos and so was edgy. The staff were not professional and were constantly whining to their colleagues.

After we had cleared security, we had quite a bit of time and so decided to have a quick bite at Wagamama. Wagamama is the only good thing that has happened at Heathrow Terminal 5!

Instead of a quick bite, I had a big main course! I discovered later that it was a good idea as food/drinks are no longer complimentary on short haul British Airways flights and the options available are limited. No dairy free options for me either.

The plane journey was smooth. We had a Scottish pilot with a good sense of humour and excellent French. We also had a teeny tiny French passenger in front of us who kept us entertained.

The plane landed safely at Nice airport and we got out of the plane.
to be continued…………



I persuaded the Mhinisteir to buy a water hose so that we could keep the exterior of No 130 neat and tidy.  I am secretly hoping that we will win the non existent best vicarage award!!!!

After a very quick visit to B&Q, we were the proud owners of Hozelock waterhose.  As we unboxed it, it became apparent that it needed some serious self assembly!!!! I was so disappointed as there was no mention of self assembly in the box.

After a month of trying, we had to get one of our ex church wardensto help us assemble it.

Never again will I attempt to do anything like this as the Mhinisteir and I are both hopeless with our hands.


Stripping of the Altar

Good Friday Service 2018 was a very strange affair.  Our Evangelical Vicar appeared in an all black Benedictine monk like outfit instead of his usual robes.  The service was very funereal.  It was strange because we were only supposed to mark the death of Christ but it felt like Christ was going to be crucified that evening!  My understanding of the bible is that we worship a risen Christ.  Christ is now seated at the right hand of God the Father.

Then came the stripping of the altar.  The Mhinisteir had told me that these things only happens in very high Churches.  How wrong he was!!!! What happened next was just unbelievable. The Vicar and his team were stripping the altar in such haste that I thought a flash mob had descended because I didn’t know what was involved in the stripping of the altar.

I was completely speechless by what I had just witnessed.  Not a bad thing as you are not to speak to anyone as you leave the Church!


Never again!

In Scotland, we often say never say never…….

However, about 3 years ago I decided that I would never work for a Christian organisation ever again.   After my experience in the conservative evangelical COE, I had another interview 6 months later for the same position but in another evangelical COE, I went with an open mind but was disappointed.  My interview was 1 hour late. I was waiting aimlessly as nobody bothered to inform me.  I was then lead to a room with 3 men.  The Vicar was still running late.  While waiting, the three men in the room never said a word.  Finally the Vicar arrived, it became clear to me that they weren’t seriously looking for somebody – sadly they were wasting my time.

Even then I didn’t throw the towel in,  I wanted to give them ( Christian Organisations)  the benefit of the doubt, I went for a few other interviews at other Christian Organisations but sadly they found it difficult to accept Christians who are different but they wanted a lot for very little money.