Stripping of the Altar

Good Friday Service 2018 was a very strange affair.  Our Evangelical Vicar appeared in an all black Benedictine monk like outfit instead of his usual robes.  The service was very funereal.  It was strange because we were only supposed to mark the death of Christ but it felt like Christ was going to be crucified that evening!  My understanding of the bible is that we worship a risen Christ.  Christ is now seated at the right hand of God the Father.

Then came the stripping of the altar.  The Mhinisteir had told me that these things only happens in very high Churches.  How wrong he was!!!! What happened next was just unbelievable. The Vicar and his team were stripping the altar in such haste that I thought a flash mob had descended because I didn’t know what was involved in the stripping of the altar.

I was completely speechless by what I had just witnessed.  Not a bad thing as you are not to speak to anyone as you leave the Church!

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