Part Two

The moment I stepped out of the plane. I was blown away. The place looked so familiar even though I had never been to Nice. Maybe,because it reminded me of airports in the Scottish Highlands! At immigration, no questions asked, just a big warm ” Welcome to Nice!”

The baggage collection area was small and fuss free. As we walked out of the airport there were plenty of taxis in the taxi rank just no takers. The driver spoke good English. We don’t speak French or so I thought – it was only after we got back home to the UK that the Mhinisteir casually mentioned that he did a French language course during his University days!

Our hotel was a stone’s throw away from the Promenade de Anglais. We got a lovely room with a sea. Being an island girl, I miss the sea terribly. It was only at checkout that we realised that we were given a superior room instead of the standard one that we had paid for.

Everywhere we went people were just so friendly. They literally dropped everything to help us.

All in all, It was a magical holiday. I have so fallen in love with Nice and its people. In my ignorance, I concluded that there is no where on earth that will even come close to my beloved Scotland but I might have just discovered her twin with better weather and no midges!

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