Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 was very special. It was one of the best Christmas in many years. The decorations were kept to a bare minimum. The Mhinisteir was busy since the start of December and became incredibly busy towards the run up to Christmas. We ended Christmas 2018 with a homemade Turkey roast with all the trimmings.


Health Woes

My health woes began to show its ugly head since my return from Nice. Despite consulting my GP, I was still poorly. It was proving to almost impossible to get another appointment. In my desperation, the Mhinisteir suggested going to the private hospital near us. I duly booked an appointment to see the GP that afternoon. A 20 minute appointment was going to cost me £80.

We arrived at the hospital and were told to take a seat. After waiting for half an hour, a receptionist approached us and said that there was a mixup and so there was no GP. The GP on duty wrongly assumed his clinic was cancelled and so wasn’t going to turn up!!!! The receptionist didn’t want to take any responsibility and simply asked for a contact number for the GP to get in touch. I was speechless. As we were leaving, we saw the receptionist approaching a few others to tell the same thing. Those people looked foreign and wondered what they must think of our healthcare


Isolated in the City


All of my adult life has been spent in rural places often time in remote parts of Scotland.

I am disappointed that I am still not settled in England after all these years. It is certainly a hindrance. Also so many things have been against me which have added to my unsettlement.

Anyway, we currently live in a popular city. My experience of city living is that it is isolating.

People often come up to me and say how isolating it must have been living up in the Scottish Highlands. It certainly wasn’t my experience. We had Neighbours who were in and out of the manse. We also had a good community. When we were out and about, we would always bump into somebody and start chatting.

In the City, nobody wants to talk to you. If you greet them on the streets, they give you funny looks.


Removal of Pews

Removal of Pews has become an obsession of many Churches in the UK. One of the first things that any new minister to a congregation wants to do is to remove what they call “old fashioned” pews. I have been privileged to visit some Churches in the East. They still have the pews but the Churches are bursting to their seams. So do the removal of pews really going to bring in the heathen by the hundreds? I think not! Only the word of God has such power.