Health Woes

My health woes began to show its ugly head since my return from Nice. Despite consulting my GP, I was still poorly. It was proving to almost impossible to get another appointment. In my desperation, the Mhinisteir suggested going to the private hospital near us. I duly booked an appointment to see the GP that afternoon. A 20 minute appointment was going to cost me £80.

We arrived at the hospital and were told to take a seat. After waiting for half an hour, a receptionist approached us and said that there was a mixup and so there was no GP. The GP on duty wrongly assumed his clinic was cancelled and so wasn’t going to turn up!!!! The receptionist didn’t want to take any responsibility and simply asked for a contact number for the GP to get in touch. I was speechless. As we were leaving, we saw the receptionist approaching a few others to tell the same thing. Those people looked foreign and wondered what they must think of our healthcare

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