Anglican Church in Nice

We had the great pleasure of worshipping in the Anglican Church in Nice when we were last there in November 2018.  I was absolutely delighted that the service was at 11am instead of 8am. Despite all these years in England, I still struggle to get up for the 8am communion even though that is my preferred service. Why can it not be at 11am??? I prefer the Scottish service time of 11am. Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest!

Anyway I digress…..

I fell in love with the Church and the service the moment I stepped inside. I am not a lover of music but was mesmerised by the gentle music coming from the organ. It wasn’t the heavy handed organ playing that you usually get in Churches in the UK.

For once the organ wasn’t drowning the congregation’s singing neither were we bombarded with questions from the moment we entered. Just a polite hello.

The order of service contained everything we needed and the service reverential. It was wonderful to see everyone dressed in their Sunday best!

However, I did go back to the hotel with bruising on both knees because I had landed heavily at the communion railing without realising they didn’t have cushions!!!!! Arghh!!!

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