Oops a Daisy!

In November 2018, the Mhinisteir and I made a day trip to Edinburgh by plane.

On our way back, we arrived early at the airport and decided to check in early. However, the machines didnt allow us to check in instead it constantly flashed the message “seek assistance” which we duly did. The Mhinisteir had booked the return ticket for the next day instead of the same day!!!!! Oh help!!!!

Thank God that we were able to rebook for the same evening but at a cost.


Missing Meat Parcel


I always get my meat from Scotland and so decided to do the same for Christmas 2018.

The day of the delivery arrived and I eagerly awaited my parcel.  Out of the blue, I got a message to say that the meat parcel had been returned to depot as they couldn’t find No 130. Could they not have phoned me? Apparently they didn’t have my number. I wonder how they were able to send me a text!!!! It was almost unbelievable as I have ordered meat from them many times! The company that I order my meat from is very reputable. In fact they have the Royal warrant. I phoned them up and they weren’t able to shed any light. So I had to phone them the next day, I was told that the delivery will be in the morning, sadly morning came and went but still no sign of the parcel.

I finally got a call from the Butchers to say the parcel has been delivered and it is on my front door. I quickly rushed to my front door but no sign of the parcel. Then I got another call to say it is with a neighbour! A third phone call said they had delivered to the wrong house and that I will get a fresh box of meat but that it can’t be delivered until the following week!!!!

Thankfully I got my meat the following week but a very disappointing service especially on the part of the courier.


Our Kitchen Clock

We’ve had a Heal’s kitchen clock for a couple of years now. It was a gift so it has sentimental value.

Shortly after our move to No 130, our trusted kitchen clock gave up its ghost. We tried changing the battery etc but to no avail.

I was very reluctant to throw it away. I couldn’t find a clock repairer either. Two days ago, I finally decided to throw it away. Just as I was taking it to the bin, I had a change of heart and decided to insert a battery and see if it works. Lo and behold it started ticking. I immediately got reminded of how Jesus says that if you believe you can even move mountains. My greatest problem is that I often struggle to believe!