Missing Meat Parcel


I always get my meat from Scotland and so decided to do the same for Christmas 2018.

The day of the delivery arrived and I eagerly awaited my parcel.  Out of the blue, I got a message to say that the meat parcel had been returned to depot as they couldn’t find No 130. Could they not have phoned me? Apparently they didn’t have my number. I wonder how they were able to send me a text!!!! It was almost unbelievable as I have ordered meat from them many times! The company that I order my meat from is very reputable. In fact they have the Royal warrant. I phoned them up and they weren’t able to shed any light. So I had to phone them the next day, I was told that the delivery will be in the morning, sadly morning came and went but still no sign of the parcel.

I finally got a call from the Butchers to say the parcel has been delivered and it is on my front door. I quickly rushed to my front door but no sign of the parcel. Then I got another call to say it is with a neighbour! A third phone call said they had delivered to the wrong house and that I will get a fresh box of meat but that it can’t be delivered until the following week!!!!

Thankfully I got my meat the following week but a very disappointing service especially on the part of the courier.

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