The Rogue Italian in Nice

On our recent visit to Nice, earlier in the year, we had an unusual experience. On that Sunday, as we were walking to the Anglican Church, we were stopped by a car driver just outside the Church. He started talking. I was quite puzzled because we did look like tourists and so I didn’t think anyone would stop us to ask for directions. Anyway, he claimed to be a designer who had just finished a show in Cannes and was going home. He had a bag containing a men’s jacket and a ladies cardigan. He said he didn’t want to sell them but just wanted to give them away. He continued talking and then suddenly the story took a different twist. He said he had drunk too much at the show the night before and needed money to go home. Ah! That’s when the penny dropped. He said he was an Italian and showed us his passport etc. The Mhinisteir quickly pushed the bag back to him. Until then, they were both holding the bag on one side each. We told him we couldn’t help him and quickly walked away. Our experience in Nice has always been very pleasant. Nobody tried to rip us off at any time but sadly it took a rogue Italian to try and spoil the beautiful city’s sterling reputation.