Bed of Affliction

It was a  Thurday night about a month ago, I was getting ready for bed when I realised that I had forgotten to turn off the walkway light.  I went to turn it off but not before staring out of the window at the lashing rain. Anyway, lights turned off and I climbed into bed.  The Mhinisteir was fast asleep.  What happened next was all a blur.  I remember calling out to the Mhinisteir and telling him I was unwell.  I remember throwing up and not being able to open my eyes or walk.  For the next ten days I wasn’t able to get out of bed let alone do anything for myself.  I have missed church for a few weeks. The confidence that I had built up has gone out of the window.  The plans for a long haul holiday part thanks to BA Avios points now hangs in the balance.

This has been my life for the last couple of years.  It has been turned upside down just like that.  Only the Lord knows why but for now I have to continue to put my trust in him that He knows the best.  Blessed be the name of the Lord!


Ascension Day

Today is Ascension Day.  What is Ascension Day?  I wasn’t familiar with Ascension Day until I came to England.  In the Scottish Presbyterian traditions especially in very conservative Churches, these days are not marked.  As far as they are concerned, every Sabbath should be Easter.

Anyway, back to Ascention Day…..  Ascention Day is when Christ went back to Heaven to be seated at the right hand of God the Father.  Here in England, this day is marked by a service in Church.

I have been reminded that without the Ascension of Christ, prayer is not possible.


What is it with window Cleaners?

What is it with window Cleaners? Since our move, I have been trying to get a window cleaner.  I left umpteen messages on the answering machines but no reply for weeks.  All of a sudden, one week before Easter, they all started appearing at the door pleading for window cleaning jobs.  Why did they not respond to my messages and how did they know where I lived????!!! Anyway, I had to decline their services because I had just given the job to the one window cleaner who had the courtesy to respond immediately.

Maybe window Cleaners are like buses they all come at once!!!!!