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Clergy Support Trust

Every Friday, I look forward to the postman bringing me the Church Times

I like to know what is happening in the wider Church of England.  Sadly, it is only in the Church Times that I also get to read about the persecuted Christians worldwide.

This afternoon as I was flipping through the pages of the Church Times, I came across an advert by the Clergy Support Trust . I immediately got reminded of their kindness and generosity towards us when we needed financial help when our old car needed some essential but expensive repairs.  This was when they were known as the Sons & Friends of the Clergy. According to the Mhinisteir, the application was very straightforward and it can all be done online.




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Christian Giving

Lately, I have a lot of free time due to my bed rest so I have been raiding the Mhinisteir’s  vast library for a good book to read.  I came across ” Azariah of Dornakal” by Carol Graham.  It is an old book that was published in May 1946!

The Ministeir’s library is filled with very old books which is one reason why I never go near it except to dust!

I decided to give this a go and am pleased to say that I did reach the end of the book.  As it is an old book, the print is very small and it is not an easy read.  There were moments when I had to reread some pages!!!

Azariah was the first Indian to be consecrated Bishop in the Anglican communion and this book is about him and his ministry to the people in rural India.  I found the following quote about Christian giving very instructive:

“Christian giving is a religious duty; when man does not recognise God’s ownership of his money, he has not fully recognised God’s claim upon his whole being …. Where God’s claims upon our money is ignored it becomes one of the greatest dangers to our spiritual life… Christians must consider it part of their religious duty to give generously according to their power, yea and beyond their power, in order that the cause of their Crucified Lord may not suffer for want of money.  If they are desperately poor they must give out of their deep poverty….Christian giving is worship; offerings and all gifts must therefore be the expression of the giver’s personal dedication to Him who bought us with a price and must be given in the spirit of worship. Church offerings should always be offered not collected.” – Bishop Azariah of Dornakal

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Since our time in no 130, we have been getting our organic milk delivered by MilkandMorethrice a week which has been a boon! They sell good organic butter and eggs among other things.  Their milk comes in glass bottles which you return after use and they continue to use traditional milkmen to deliver the milk.   I only learnt about MilkandMore one Saturday in 2017 as I was flipping through the pages of FT Weekend!

Disclaimer: I am not paid by MilkandMore to promote them.

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Mothers’ Union

I have just received a parcel from the Mothers’ Union shop so I thought I will write something about them.

The Mothers Unionwas founded in 1876 by an Anglican clergy Wife called Mary Sumner who wanted to transform the homes lives of Parish families.  To my shame, I had never heard about the Mothers’ Union when I was in Scotland.

Anyway, since moving to England, I always try to get my cards from them.  They are very reasonably priced and have a good selection of cards.  Some of the cards have bible verses while others are left blank.  Here in the Vicarage, we are always in need of cards to send to people so I try and have a wee stash of the usual cards like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

I personally don’t find the Mothers’ Union shop’s website very user friendly so there is certainly room for improvement but on the whole I would say that it is a fantastic shop and most importantly we get to support the good work they do.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Mothers Union to promote them. 


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Encounter at a Cathedral shop

I happened to be in one of our Cathedrals and decided to visit the Cathedral Shop.  I like to buy postcards and so made a beeline for the postcards rack.  I found an unusually sized postcard of the Cathedral and thought our friend in Scotland would like it.

I was keen to know whether an ordinary stamp would suffice given the unusual size of the postcard.  As I paid for the card, I enquired about the type of postage stamp that would be required.  To which the older lady at the counter replied “you need to go to the post office and find out as we are not the post office”!!! Oh! give me strength I thought!!!  Of course I knew they were not the post office!!!!!!

I explained to her that the very reason I asked was so that I could avoid a trip to the post office.  Furthermore, If I was sure of the postage, then I could use one of the ordinary first class stamps lurking in the bottom of my handbag and pop it in the post box down the road!!!!

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God of small things too!

Deep rural.  That’s how our new parish is described.  There are not many shops or eating places in the nearby town.  Coming from the Scottish Highlands, we are quite used to not having any shops nearby.  Having said that, it is always nice to have   somewhere special to go to for a wee treat. Shortly after we moved, we discovered a small Thai restaurant!  I don’t like spicy food so was delighted to know that they can prepare a non spicy version for me!

We paid a visit to the Thai one evening. We had a lovely meal but were disappointed to know that they were only open for dinner. Disappointed because we don’t like going out in the dark especially when there are no streetlights.

The next day I told the Mhinisteir that I was going to pray that the Thai will start opening for lunch. It wasn’t said in jest.  I was serious and I did start praying that day!!!

What happened next was quite unbelievable! A week later, we decided to go for a quick dinner at the same Thai Restaurant. All of a sudden, the owner came out of the kitchen and started giving us leaflets.  She explained that since that afternoon they had started opening the restaurant for lunch.  The Mhinisteir and I were gobsmacked!!!!

“What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?” – Psalm 8:4