Church of England

Encounter at a Cathedral shop

I happened to be in one of our Cathedrals and decided to visit the Cathedral Shop.  I like to buy postcards and so made a beeline for the postcards rack.  I found an unusually sized postcard of the Cathedral and thought our friend in Scotland would like it.

I was keen to know whether an ordinary stamp would suffice given the unusual size of the postcard.  As I paid for the card, I enquired about the type of postage stamp that would be required.  To which the older lady at the counter replied “you need to go to the post office and find out as we are not the post office”!!! Oh! give me strength I thought!!!  Of course I knew they were not the post office!!!!!!

I explained to her that the very reason I asked was so that I could avoid a trip to the post office.  Furthermore, If I was sure of the postage, then I could use one of the ordinary first class stamps lurking in the bottom of my handbag and pop it in the post box down the road!!!!