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Christian Giving

Lately, I have a lot of free time due to my bed rest so I have been raiding the Mhinisteir’s  vast library for a good book to read.  I came across ” Azariah of Dornakal” by Carol Graham.  It is an old book that was published in May 1946!

The Ministeir’s library is filled with very old books which is one reason why I never go near it except to dust!

I decided to give this a go and am pleased to say that I did reach the end of the book.  As it is an old book, the print is very small and it is not an easy read.  There were moments when I had to reread some pages!!!

Azariah was the first Indian to be consecrated Bishop in the Anglican communion and this book is about him and his ministry to the people in rural India.  I found the following quote about Christian giving very instructive:

“Christian giving is a religious duty; when man does not recognise God’s ownership of his money, he has not fully recognised God’s claim upon his whole being …. Where God’s claims upon our money is ignored it becomes one of the greatest dangers to our spiritual life… Christians must consider it part of their religious duty to give generously according to their power, yea and beyond their power, in order that the cause of their Crucified Lord may not suffer for want of money.  If they are desperately poor they must give out of their deep poverty….Christian giving is worship; offerings and all gifts must therefore be the expression of the giver’s personal dedication to Him who bought us with a price and must be given in the spirit of worship. Church offerings should always be offered not collected.” – Bishop Azariah of Dornakal