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Lewis Chessman

Two days ago, there was an article in the Telegraph newspaper about the missing Lewis Chessman.  I assume that this story would have been featured in all the national newspapers.

The story goes like this….an Edinburgh family had kept the Lewis Chessman in their drawer for 55 years without knowing that it was one of the Long lost Lewis Chessmen  They finally realised it’s worth and the Lewis Chessman was recently sold at an auction for a whopping £735,000!!!!

About 10 years ago, I had the privilege of visiting the home of the Lewis Chessmen.  Sadly I remember the trip for all the wrong reasons!!!

1. I was violently sick at Glasgow airport just before boarding the plane to Stornoway.

2. Once on board, I realised to my horror* that the pilot was a woman. * The moment I let the sisterhood down!!!

3. The pilot had trouble landing because of strong winds.

4. My hosts conveniently forgot about my arrival so I was left waiting in the airport for a few hours.  By the way, it was their invitation, I didn’t invite myself!

5.  It was blowing a gale the whole weekend with intermittent power cuts!

6. The airport security in Stornoway airport is stricter than most international airports.  My handbag and its contents were so thoroughly scrunitised that I felt guilty even before I had done anything wrong.  Never ever go through security at Stornoway airport too early.  They have too much time and not many passengers so will be Super thorough!

7.  My flight back to Glasgow was delayed by several hours due to a hole in the windscreen of the plane!!!

But there was one feature in Stornoway airport that I remember fondly. Smacked in the middle of the baggage collection area stood a large carving of a single Lewis Chessman.  It was a magnificent piece of art!