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Copperplate Lettering

Frustrated.  I am frustrated that I am not able to lead a normal active life.  Simple tasks have become very challenging.

I am trying not to dwell in self pity.

As I prayed that God will lead me to a hobby, Calligraphy came to mind.  I was very excited but I am LEFT HANDED!  Left handers and Calligraphy are like water and oil, they don’t mix!  I searched the internet for books on Calligraphy for left handers but I was unsuccessful.  There were materials online but they were of no use to me.  I wanted a physical book.

I wanted to narrow down on the type of Calligraphy I wanted to learn.  I love Copperplate Lettering and decided that that is what I will try and master.

I finally found a book by Laura Di Piazza called Copperplate Calligraphy  It isn’t for left handers but is simple enough to learn.

I also found YoungHae Chung’swebsite inspiring.  She too is left handed!

I am giving myself until September to learn.  I am very pleased that I have been fairly diligent in practising!