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Loo Blues

Most of our parishes Churches DO NOT have loo facilities.  Yes, you read that correctly!  In this day and age you might ask?  Yes is the answer!!!

There are many reasons why these Parish Churches do not have loo facilities. Finance is one of the reasons.  Rural Churches are often neglected.  Another reason is that these Churches are many hundred years old and so any addition to the building is nigh impossible.  I empathise.

However, there are a handful of Churches in our Benefice with loo facilities.  Apart from one the rest of the loos are locked and hidden away! What?  You read that correctly too!

Why?  Because the Churchwardens do not want anybody to use them.  In fact, most people do not know that these Churches have loo facilities.  These loos are known as “Compost Toilets

On Sunday, just before the service ended, I realised I needed the loo.  This is despite restricting my fluid intake that morning.  Thankfully this Church has a loo and as the Vicar’s Wife I am privy to their secret location! I quickly hurried to the secret location before anyone spotted me.  Just as I reached for the handle to the loo, I spotted a padlock. The loo was locked!!!!!