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The Vicarage Shower head

The Vicarage shower head has been misbehaving for months.

On Tuesday, I decided that enough was enough.  Instead of the power shower experience, I have to daily put up with water trickling through the shower head.  All thanks to limescale.

I am so used to soft water that I don’t think I will ever get used to hard water.   I know that my complaint is trivial when so many people throughout the world have to walk for miles for water.

I confess that mine is a first world problem but it is still a problem.  My skin suffers greatly and I struggle to drink filtered water. It tastes bitter.

Anyway back to the Vicarage shower head…..  we do have a regular cleaner but obviously descaling shower heads is not in her job description.

Not very long ago, a temp cleaner recommended a limescale product called Viakal.  I even got her to buy me a bottle.  I paid her of course!

I sprayed Viakal on the shower head and left it for about 15 minutes.  I would have preferred to have left it soaking for longer but was afraid that part of the shower head would dissolve!!!!

Anyway, I rinsed off after 15 minutes.  The shower head was looking clean and free from limescale but the water was still trickling down.  I didn’t want to tired myself so I decided to leave it.

In the evening, I used a blunt pin from my craft box and started poking through each and every hole in the shower head.  Every time I poked, a white crusty substance would shoot out!!! I know it sounds gross, sorry!!!

Needless to say that since yesterday evening, the shower head is working like brand new.