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The Postman Knocks…

Did you order anything?” asked the Mhinisteir as he walked towards me.  He was holding a small parcel in his hand.  No. I hadn’t ordered anything.  “Did you order any books?” I asked.  The Mhinisteir loves his books.  No, he said.

Hmmm… what could it be? The Mhinisteir started unwrapping…. it was a box of chocolates!!!! A box of chocolates???? From whom????

There was also a wedding photo of a young couple beaming and at the back of the photo were some words of thanks addressed to the Mhinisteir!

The Mhinisteir had conducted their wedding about a fortnight ago and the box of chocolates were a thank you!  How kind!!  As I mentioned in my earlier post….

Over the years, the Mhinisteir has never heard back from any of the newly weds that he has married off!  This is the second time in about two weeks that this has happened.