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Drama @ the Thai

It has been months since the Mhinisteir and I went out for an evening meal.

I suggested to the Mhinisteir that we should go to our local Thai restaurant for an early dinner sometime and so off we went yesterday evening.   It was a pleasant evening and the restaurant was quiet.  We were the only patrons  at that time.  The Mhinisteir likes to play safe and order what he has tried before and so it was the hotplate for him and the pad thai for me as it was the only non spicy dish on the menu.

Young Couple

As we were tucking into our starters, a young couple came into the restaurant. I smiled at them and continued with my starters.  Shortly after, our main courses arrived.  The moment the hotplate touched our table, we all started coughing( us, the young couple and the waitress)!!!  The waitress opened the restaurant door to allow the smoke to escape.  The man quipped that he too had ordered the same dish and we all had a good laugh.


Shortly after the young man’s hotplate arrival, four OAPs entered the restaurant.  Their booking was for 7pm.  I noticed that one of the couples seemed a little displeased by the smokiness caused by the hotplate.  By this time, we had finished our main courses.  Anyway, all four of them decided to sit right behind me and right next to the young man’s hotplate.  They chose the table!!! Just minutes into their arrival, the couple who appeared displeased complained loudly that they can’t eat at that restaurant as the husband has asthma and walked out without saying anything to their friends.  I felt very embarrassed for their friends and also for the young man who was tucking into his hotplate!

The other couple were very apologetic and explained that the couple who walked out were friends visiting from Australia.  The nice couple promised the poor waitress that they will definitely come again on their own and left to go after their friends!!!


Anyway, just when I thought that order was restored, the young man’s mobile rang and it kicked off between the young man and his partner!  The young lady started accusing him of not being truthful etc.  Oh dear!!! They left abruptly after paying but not without saying cheerio to us!!! I felt very sad for them.  They seemed like a lovely couple.  I wondered whether the Australian couple’s over reaction started the friction between these two……

Sore Tummy

Despite the drama at the restaurant, I thoroughly enjoyed my evening and went to bed happy only to wake up with a sore tummy just after midnight.  I was hoping it would go away but no it was threatening to affect my sleep.  I popped some painkillers and finally dozed off  at 3am needless to say that I was feeling crabbit this morning!  Sadly the only safe option on the menu was not safe enough for me on this ocassion!!!!