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Speed dial

For some strange reason, parishioners past and present have this fancy idea that the Mhinisteir has the Bishop’s telephone number on speed dial.  Errm…. he doesn’t actually.

In any case, we have 24/7 access to God so who needs the Bishop’s number on speed dial?

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The Vicarage Shower head

The Vicarage shower head has been misbehaving for months.

On Tuesday, I decided that enough was enough.  Instead of the power shower experience, I have to daily put up with water trickling through the shower head.  All thanks to limescale.

I am so used to soft water that I don’t think I will ever get used to hard water.   I know that my complaint is trivial when so many people throughout the world have to walk for miles for water.

I confess that mine is a first world problem but it is still a problem.  My skin suffers greatly and I struggle to drink filtered water. It tastes bitter.

Anyway back to the Vicarage shower head…..  we do have a regular cleaner but obviously descaling shower heads is not in her job description.

Not very long ago, a temp cleaner recommended a limescale product called Viakal.  I even got her to buy me a bottle.  I paid her of course!

I sprayed Viakal on the shower head and left it for about 15 minutes.  I would have preferred to have left it soaking for longer but was afraid that part of the shower head would dissolve!!!!

Anyway, I rinsed off after 15 minutes.  The shower head was looking clean and free from limescale but the water was still trickling down.  I didn’t want to tired myself so I decided to leave it.

In the evening, I used a blunt pin from my craft box and started poking through each and every hole in the shower head.  Every time I poked, a white crusty substance would shoot out!!! I know it sounds gross, sorry!!!

Needless to say that since yesterday evening, the shower head is working like brand new.


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Out of the mouth of babes…

“What sweetie did the man give you, grannie?”  enquired a little girl of her Grandmother.

On Sunday in church, together with the rest of the congregation, they had both gone forward to the communion railing to receive communion (grannie) and blessing (little girl).

The little girl obviously thought that the communion wafers the Mhinisteir was giving out was some kind of sweetie!!!!!’

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Condolence Letters

I have just finished writing two condolence letters.  I usually take at least two weeks to gather my thoughts before I put pen to paper but this time round it has taken me a whole month.  No, I didn’t procrastinate.

I have been praying for the right words but I just couldn’t get the right words until Saturday morning.

Both the widows had been married to their husbands for a very very long time. One was a retired clergy from Scotland and a former colleague of the Mhinisteir while the other a retired librarian from our last parish in England.

I hope my feeble words will bring some comfort to these widows.



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From Crazy Golf to Helter Skelter

About ten days ago, it was the crazy Golf in Rochester Cathedral that made the headlines.  Yesterday, it was the Helter Skelter in Norwich Cathedral that made the headlines.

ABC: “If you can’t have fun in a cathedral, do you really know what fun is???”

My reply to that are Jesus’s words “And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise.” – John 2:16

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Royal Bank of Scotland

We have always banked with RBS.

Here in rural England, there is no RBS branch.  In fact, most of the banks on the High Street nearest to us have closed down.  Those of us in rural communities are being asked to use the Post Office to do our banking.  In theory, it is all well and good.   In order to bank in anything, you need a quick deposit envelope, paying in slip etc.  I don’t know where I can get quick deposit envelopes. Cheque books come with just a handful of paying in slips and so I quickly run out of them!!! These Post Offices are half Post Offices and half shops so you don’t get the full service of the “proper” post office!

Last week, I had to sadly break open my piggy bank!  I was very reluctant to bring the cash contents to the Post Office/shop to deposit.  I couldn’t stop wondering if the person behind the counter might be tempted to pocket the contents.  I know we will get a confirmation slip but what if the person absconds with the money? I don’t mind depositing cheques but I have serious doubts about depositing cash! I suppose this is when I have to exercise faith!!!!


There was an advert in yesterday’s newspaper to remind the public that the last date to submit any PPI claim is 29 August 2019

As usual, I got reminded of my own PPI story….It happened about 7 years ago!

One day,  the Mhinisteir received a letter from RBS.  He said it was just another marketing letter and handed it to me for shredding.

As I took it to the shredder, curiosity got the better of me and I started reading the letter.  It was a very wordy 2 page letter.  When I turned to page two, I read that we were owed over £900 in mis-sold PPI!!!!

I marched back to the Mhinisteir’s study and made him read the letter again.  That’s when the penny dropped for him.

Anyway, God works in mysterious ways because thanks to PPI, we were finally able to go on a holiday after 12 long months without a single break!



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Loo Blues

Most of our parishes Churches DO NOT have loo facilities.  Yes, you read that correctly!  In this day and age you might ask?  Yes is the answer!!!

There are many reasons why these Parish Churches do not have loo facilities. Finance is one of the reasons.  Rural Churches are often neglected.  Another reason is that these Churches are many hundred years old and so any addition to the building is nigh impossible.  I empathise.

However, there are a handful of Churches in our Benefice with loo facilities.  Apart from one the rest of the loos are locked and hidden away! What?  You read that correctly too!

Why?  Because the Churchwardens do not want anybody to use them.  In fact, most people do not know that these Churches have loo facilities.  These loos are known as “Compost Toilets

On Sunday, just before the service ended, I realised I needed the loo.  This is despite restricting my fluid intake that morning.  Thankfully this Church has a loo and as the Vicar’s Wife I am privy to their secret location! I quickly hurried to the secret location before anyone spotted me.  Just as I reached for the handle to the loo, I spotted a padlock. The loo was locked!!!!!

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A Wedding & Two Cupcakes!

When we came home this afternoon, we found two little cakes boxes on our doorstep.  Two little cake boxes containing two very pretty cupcakes.  There was no note but I guessed it was from the newly weds.  Newly weds???

At the weekend, the Mhinisteir conducted the wedding of a young couple and I am pretty sure that the cakes were from them.  Over the years, The Mhinisteir has conducted many weddings but this is the first time this has happened!  Such a sweet and thoughtful gesture on the part of the wedding couple.

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Power Through Prayer – E.M.Bounds

Power through prayer by E.M. Bounds was recommended by the Rev Eric Alexander formerly of The Tron in Glasgow in one of his online sermons that the Mhinisteir and I listen to as part of our family worship just before bedtime.

The Mhinisteir allowed me to borrow this book from his library and I have spent the last two weeks reading it.

Edward McKendree Bounds (1835 – 1913) started each day by praying for three hours.  He stresses on the importance of prayer in the life of the clergy but I think it is relevant to all Christians.  It is a thin book with short chapters.

I have always wanted to know the true meaning of the word “Unction” and I got three chapters of clear and proper description.