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Lack of privacy

Privacy is something of a premium if you live in a Vicarage.  I always feel like a goldfish in a goldfish bowl.  I thought I was quite used to that feeling until recently…..

For this reason I have all my curtains firmly shut at all times.

I love to look out of the window first thing in the morning and throughout the day until bedtime.  I like to admire our peaceful surroundings but I ALWAYS happen to catch the attention of someone passing by!!!!!  How is that even possible as the Vicarage is in a dead end? There are the ocassional dog walkers but how is it that I always end up making eye contact with someone??????  What is the right protocol??? Do I wave to them?????

I am super embarrassed whenever it happens first thing in the morning because I am usually blurry eyed, wearing old pyjamas and sporting bed hair.

Ah! The joys of living in a Vicarage!!!!