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Being Left Handed

Yes, I am left handed and am proud of it.  Since childhood, I knew I was a little different because I was the only child in my class who would draw circles anti- clockwise!!!

However, I didn’t know that this was the reason why I couldn’t tell the time by looking at the analog clock that was in our family home!!!

As I became an adult I realised that most things are not leftie friendly like when I used to go to the bank and when asked to sign documents, the chain that is attached to the pen is never long enough

Recently I was making a mental list of some of the pros and cons of being left handed and the following is how my list looks like:-


  • left handed cheque book – courtesy of the Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Many famous people in the world are left handedūüė¨


  • unable to knit as I can’t follow the pattern.
  • unable to use an ordinary potato peeler.
  • inconvenient to use Filofax, diaries etc.
  • almost impossible to learn Calligraphy as it is more suited for right handed people even though I have just finished learning the basics after a long struggle.
  • when greeting someone with a hug/kiss I ALWAYS go the wrong way and it is so embarrassing



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Milkman – No showūüėĖ

The milkman didn’t turn up on Wednesday. ¬†Together with my usual pint, I had ¬†ordered a dozen free range eggs. ¬†The fact that the milkman didn’t turn up didn’t bother me but what really annoyed me was the response from MilkandMore – the company that provides the milk etc.

I phoned them to request a refund. According ¬†to MilkandMore, their system was down. I was told to do a web chat in order to get a refund, so I started a webchat and guess what? I got the same answer. It was quite amusing when the operator asked if there was anything else she could help with!!!! How can she when she doesn’t have access to basic information????

Anyway, when I opened the door this morning, there were a dozen eggs on the doorstep minus the milk!!!

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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2019

After reading about it, I finally got to see the John Lewis advert at the weekend.

The wee dragon chap was cute especially when he smiled. ¬†His teeth resembled mine when I was a child!!! The bit where he breathed fire into the Christmas pudding brought a smile to my face but other than that I didn’t quite understand the advertisement. ¬†Sorry, John Lewis!

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Netflix kerfuffle

During the winter months, The Mhinisteir and I used to enjoy watching the drama Monarch of the Glen on tv in our highland manse.  Recently, I have been pining for both Scotland and Monarch of the Glen!!!!

The Mhinisteir suggested buying a dvd box set but I wanted something online since buying a box set would mean buying a DVD player. ¬†It was during this time that I came across a Netflix offer whereby you get a 30 day free trial. ¬†I don’t know anything about Netflix but was keen to try it out.

The Mhinisteir gave me the go ahead and so I signed up to Netflix. The registration process just took 3 minutes.  I was impressed!

This afternoon I wanted to find out more about Netflix and how I could start viewing Monarch of the Glen.  To my horror, Monarch of the Glen is not available on Netflix!!!!!  Never mind I told myself.  Surely there must be something we can watch???!!!! I typed Westwing but sadly it too was not available.

Finally I came across something I liked but this time it asked me to download the Netflix app.  What??? How do I do that???? I thought you just had to press play!

Anyway, I decided to use my laptop to access Netflix, this time it tells me that my Firefox is not up to date!!!!! Honestly, I give up.  Just as well I am still on my trial period!!!!

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This week, I treated myself to a copy of the Christmas edition of the Goodhousekeeping magazine.  How I have missed it!

One of the articles that stayed with me was how due to the current economic climate so many in our country are reliant on food banks.

To my shame, it is only in recent years that I have become a regular contributor to our local food bank.  These days I buy our share of the food bank contribution when I do my monthly grocery shopping online.  I set aside  a small budget of £10 each month and buy the items that are urgently needed by the foodbanks Рthere is a list of urgent items required on their website.

I wanted to make sure that it costs me something so I started removing £10 worth of non essential items (like a nice box of chocolates etc) from my online shopping basket.  Initially it was very difficult but now it is a lot easier even though I still feel the pinch!!!

Below is the link for the Trussell Trust who organise the foodbanks.  Maybe you are already a contributor, if not I hope you will be able to play a role no matter how big or small not just this Christmas but on a regular basis.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by the Trussell trust to promote them.

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The mystery of the poppy pins

Over the years I have accumulated several poppies pins and brooches so I am never short of them.

However this past week, I couldn’t find any of them!!!! Not even one!!! I looked at all the drawers but no not one was in sight. ¬†On Friday night I managed to find a lone poppy pin in my Jewellery box but the question still remains what happened to the rest of them????!!!!

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My Le Creuset Kettle

Our old electric kettle gave up its ghost the moment we moved to the Vicarage so I bought a stove kettle instead of the usual electric kettle that we normally go for.

I absolutely love my kettle but I don’t know how to descale it. ¬†I used to wash it every week to keep the limescale at bay but havent been diligent in the past couple of months so it is beginning to look grubby inside. ¬†On this occasion, the internet hasn’t been too helpful.

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Pay as you go

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Church today. ¬†Mrs C lamented to the Mhinisteir that she hasn’t been introduced to me yet. ¬†Joys of Multi Parish Benefice!!!

Monday, 28 October 2019

In bed.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Met an ordinand and Wife.  Ordinand was told by tutor at Theological college that Ecclesiastical robes have no meaning!!!! Should I start a petition for the tutor to be retrained???

Received devastating news about a friend in the Highlands.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Mini tiff with the Mhinisteir.  He thought I should be in bed resting and I disagreed!

Thursday 31 October 2019.  

The oil tank has finally been topped up!

A friend who lived in Scotland has sadly passed away.  Need to write to his widow when the funeral is over.

Friday, 1 November 2019  

November already? Where has the time gone??? The Mhinisteir kindly topped up my pay as you go phone. ¬†Apparently, normal people don’t use pay as you go!!!!!

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Blog Update

Lately, I have been struggling to maintain my blog.  For a while I was able to post a blog entry every other day but it is proving to be difficult.

For the last two years, my blog has hardly seen any change.  Blogs need to be fresh and relevant. After much thought, I have decided to follow in the footsteps of Adrian Mole.  From now on my posts should resemble extracts from a diary.

Watch the space!