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The Missing chocolates!


Christmas is a very low key affair in our household thanks to my Protestant Christian upbringing.   We even know of some Protestant Christians who do not celebrate Christmas as they see it as a pagan winter festival.

Growing up,  we had presents under our Christmas tree but it was never for us or our families.  It was always for the underprivileged families or children in our community.   As usual, I digress…..

The Mhinisteir almost had a coronary when he heard that I wanted to get Christmas presents for our Churchwardens and parishioners.

Imagine the horror on his face when I suggested getting some of the gifts from Fortnum and Mason!!!! You see, we belong to a Multi Parish Benefice with more than 10 Churches!!!  Anyway, when I put forward my proposal and the budget for it,  I got the go ahead.  Yay!

Most of the presents were bought online directly from Lindt chocolates.  I have only just gotten round to gift wrapping the chocolate boxes this week even though the boxes arrived last week.

I  enjoy gift wrapping as I find it therapeutic.  As I wrapped one chocolate box after another, I got into a gentle rhythm only for it to be broken abruptly.  Hang on a minute!!! Where are the chocolates??? I muttered to myself.  I was holding a lovely red Lindt chocolate box but it was void of chocolates!!! What happened to those beautifully wrapped nuggets???? The box was factory sealed but there were no chocolates!!!!  Strange!

I just have to assume that somebody at the Lindt factory forgot to put the chocolates in before sealing them!   Thankfully I bought some extras just in case!