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Trip to the dentist

I had to make a fairly urgent trip to the Dentist yesterday. I was so not looking forward to it for various reasons but it had to be done before the start of the holidays.

As my tooth needed urgent looking into, I couldn’t go to my Dentist in Scotland. Yes, you read it correctly. I still go to my Dentist in Scotland!!!

Why the urgent need for the Dentist? It all started because of a pickled egg! A parishioner very kindly gave us a jar of pickled eggs during the harvest festival and I had it for the first time a week ago. Since then, one of my tooth had been very sensitive. My suspicion was a missing filling.

However, I could only get an appointment at a private clinic but I was just grateful to get an appointment.

Anyway, I had a very pleasant appointment with a young dental surgeon. The icing on the cake was that he was half Scottish. Strangely he couldn’t find anything wrong with my tooth. This was even after an X-ray.

I was just thanking God for this news because I was very concerned about the fees. I came back home relieved and rejoicing!!!!