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The shrunken stole!

The Mhinisteir had a difficult funeral to take this morning.

The moment he came back, he wanted to wash his Cassock Alp and so turned on the washing machine himself. It was quite understandable given the day it has been. It has been raining cats and dogs since the morning and I imagine the churchyard would have been very muddy. What I didn’t understand was this sense of urgency…..

Anyway, after lunch I went to remove the cassock alp from the washing machine. After going through the spin mode, the cassock alb had turned into a ball but wait a minute what was the beige thing that was poking out????? Anyone who uses Ecclesiastical robes will know that one has to pay a lot of money in order to own one so I am ultra careful when I wash the Mhinisteir’s robes so I never put any other clothes in the Ecclesiastical wash cycle but what was that thing poking out???? I quickly unrolled the robe to discover a sad looking stole!!!! On closer look, the stole was looking strange. It had shrunk!!!! Of course it would shrink because it is not machine washable!!!! Oh what was the Mhinisteir thinking????

I marched straight into his study with both the cassock alp and the stole and demanded an explanation!!!! I am not sure why I got so worked up😬. As expected, he confessed that it was a horrible mistake. The width of the stole is now only slightly wider than a neck tie!!!!!