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I really don’t know what is happening to me…. Yesterday after lunch, I went to give my teeth a good brush as I had eaten some lovely Scottish smoked mackerel.

As I started brushing, I was horrified when I saw that all that was coming from my mouth was black froth. I began to panic. I stopped brushing and looked at my toothbrush. There was nothing black in it. I looked at my tongue and it was all black too. All I had was the smoked mackerel. Could it be my Calligraphy ink that magically made its way to my mouth???

I decided to stop panicking and continued my brushing. Without saying anything, I showed my tongue to the Mhinisteir who was just heading back to his study to which he remarked Oh, it must be the blueberries!!!!! Yes, he was right because I had popped a few in my mouth before I went to brush my teeth!!!!!