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Christmas 2019

Christmas Day 2019 was the best as it was quiet and calm. In the afternoon, I even managed to write sympathy cards for grieving parishioners. The rest of the day was spent packing and getting ready for our getaway.

Our celebration started on Christmas Eve! With the Mhinisteir running around to various services, I prepared the Christmas meal which we had before going to the Midnight service.

Sadly, The Midnight service was a let down. The CWs unwisely decided to try new things for the first time and it was an epic fail. Sadly EVERYTHING malfunctioned. The people in the pew were getting restless and frustrated as they were not able to sing the carols due to technical faults. A clear result of trying new things without practice or rehearsals.

Some of the people in the pew were looking at me in horror. I don’t know if they knew my relation to the Mhinisteir but all I could give out was a weak smile. I felt very sorry for the Mhinisteir. The CWs thought it was all amusing but I can assure you that the Mhinisteir was not amused!!!