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Calligraphy Success

More and more people have started commenting on my Calligraphy and I am Super chuffed. This time last year, I didn’t think that I would come this far. I am self taught and didn’t know what I was doing. Everything just looked like a big mess. It didnt help that I am left handed. Now, everything looks so beautiful. I am still not confident to post any pictures of my handwriting but maybe one day….

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Too poor to buy cheap

The above mentioned phrase is very common among the older people in the highlands of Scotland. I got reminded of it when I was working on our household Budget.

In the Vicarage, we are trying to buy organic as much as possible. It is something that we embarked on over a year ago and I am pleased to reveal that not only have we stuck to it but about 90% of our food is now organic. It is a fact that organic food is a bit more expensive. However, I find that it is worth the money because what you put in your body matters (a lot).

Having said that we don’t have a huge grocery Budget. I tend to buy things when they are on sale but I also buy a smaller quantity compared to before. I also make sure there is no wastage. For an example, nothing from the organic chicken that I bought yesterday goes to waste. I always pop the carcass in the freezer to make Chicken stock on another day.

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Chocolate Eclairs Or Chinese Spring Rolls??!

This week as part of my usual online grocery order, I was given Chinese spring rolls as a substitute instead of the chocolate eclairs that I had ordered!!!!! It was so hilarious that I burst out laughing and had to say a polite….. No, thank you!

Imagine what would have been through the minds of the visitors to the Vicarage if I had accepted the substitute and offered them some Chinese spring rolls to go with their cup of tea!!!!!

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Singing Solo

Just this morning, the Mhinisteir was telling me that very often when he is conducting funerals, he will be the only one belting out the hymns. What about the congregation, I asked? He said almost all don’t sing as they don’t know the hymns even though they are the traditional ones. I was actually quite shocked to hear that. Who chooses the hymns I asked? The family, he replied. He added that they are often too upset to sing but sometimes it’s because they too don’t know the hymns but choose certain hymns because they are popular “funeral” hymns!!!! Oh dear!

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Fish Knives

Who uses fish knives in this day and age? That was the “debate” topic in the Telegraph the whole of this week!!! It was started by a reader who wrote in to say that they received a set of fish knives as a wedding present when they got married 50 years ago and that they never have been used. Needless to say others started writing to either agree or disagree that Fish Knives are obsolete.

My favourite letter was from a gentleman who replied as follows:-

“I cut my meat with a knife and flake my fish with a fish knife”

Bravo! Well said!!! I still use the fish knife and I proud to use it. In fact almost all the friends up in the Scottish Highlands still use the fish knife!!!

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Don’t worry Darling, Relax!

Those were the words from the Mhinisteir when I asked him what time his first appointment was this morning.

Just as I was putting the kettle on to get the breakfast ready (I am a traditional wife by choice), I heard a car…… Mmmm the postman is very early today, I said to myself. Then I heard the car engine turn off and suddenly it dawned on me that it could be the Mhinisteir’s first appointment! Oh my goodness! I was still in my jimjams and the Mhinisteir hadn’t had his breakfast and I haven’t got the “hospitality” tray ready!

The door bell rang and yes it was the Mhinisteir’s first appointment from another Diocese. I scrambled to put together the “hospitality” tray and went ahead to have breakfast on my own.

Later when I saw him after the meeting, my first question to him was so what time was the meeting?! To which he replied…. I still don’t know!!!!!!!!

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Phantom Friends

Do you have Phantom friends? I seem to have accumulated a good number of them over the course of almost 30 years. They are strange these phantom friends…. When you first get to know them, they are all over you like a rash and over the course of time, when you have to move away, they too disappear. Birthday cards remain unacknowledged….Text messages and emails remain unanswered even though their contact details remain the same. How do I know that? That’s because 5 or 10 years down the road you get a text, email or letter from one of these phantom friends. How do they know where we live since we have had to move to different countries in that time? Strange but somehow they find you. Sadly, it is always because they have a favour to ask of you which usually comes in the form of a request for a free holiday!!!!! Sad isn’t it? But what is heartbreaking is that they are Christians.

I am very slow to make friends but once they become friends they are for life but unfortunately my experience with phantom friends has taught me that you can only have a couple of friends for life. The rest are just acquaintances.

After much prayer, I have decided to let go of my phantom friends. It is a painful decision but this is an abuse of relationship.

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Fortnum and Mason Sparkling Tea

Just yesterday, I discovered that Fortnum and Mason’s have started doing Sparkling Tea. I was super excited and wanted to get my hands on it as the bottle looks very luxurious. I have just had a look at their website. They have both the alcoholic and the non alcoholic version. It will have to be the non alcoholic version for a teetotal like me. I am disappointed that they only have one non alcoholic version but I suppose it is better than nothing. Strangely, both versions have got the same price tag!!!

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Fortnum and Mason to promote their products

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The Pope and I

Thanks to the Mhinisteir, I have just discovered that the current Pope and I have something in common in that we both do not watch television. According to a newspaper article, Pope Francis made a vow to the Virgin Mary sometime in the 90s that he will refrain from watching television. Unfortunately, I don’t have such a pious reason for not watching television…… Just that television is not for me.

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Blue Monday

I heard in the news this morning that today is BLUE MONDAY. I have never heard of a blue Monday but can make an intelligent guess that it probably refers to feeling a little down on this particular Monday ??! I don’t know why it makes people a little down on this particular Monday but thankfully I have no such ill effect. In fact, it has been quite a lovely day so far and I am just going to go and do some reading.