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Our Paper Shredder

On Sunday past, after coming home from the morning service, I went to the kitchen to make myself a hot bowl of porridge. As I was making my porridge, I tuned in to the Archers omnibus on Radio 4. I just wanted a bit of company since the Mhinisteir had gone to conduct the other services.

As I was waiting for my porridge to cool down, I decided to do some shredding in our utility room where our paper shredder lives. For the life of me, the shredder wouldn’t work. I decided to leave it and enjoy my by then warm porridge. As I was enjoying my porridge, a thought came to my mind…… maybe some things are best left on the Lord’s Day. Anyway, as I got on with the day, that thought was at the back of my mind. By the time Monday came, I had forgotten all about it until I had to go to the utility room for something. I desperately wanted to know if it was God reminding me that the Sabbath is a day of rest. In Scotland I would never have dreamt of shredding on a Sunday as it was just not the done thing. In any case, in between the morning and evening service, we would have folk around for Sunday Lunch so there was never the time to do it. I know of people who wouldnt even wash their dishes on a Sunday!!!!

I want to be obedient to God but I am also one who don’t follow rules just for the sake of it instead of understanding the real meaning behind it.

Anyway back to Monday, I turned on the Shredder and guess what? It worked. The light came on and the shredder functioned as normal.

Many will quote the fourth commandment that says keep the Sabbath day holy to justify not doing any work etc. I couldnt agree more that we need to keep it holy but I also think that the second part of the verse about rest often gets overlooked.

Personally, I think that God was reminding me that resting on the Sabbath is important for there is always the six other days to do my shredding!!!!