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Phantom Friends

Do you have Phantom friends? I seem to have accumulated a good number of them over the course of almost 30 years. They are strange these phantom friends…. When you first get to know them, they are all over you like a rash and over the course of time, when you have to move away, they too disappear. Birthday cards remain unacknowledged….Text messages and emails remain unanswered even though their contact details remain the same. How do I know that? That’s because 5 or 10 years down the road you get a text, email or letter from one of these phantom friends. How do they know where we live since we have had to move to different countries in that time? Strange but somehow they find you. Sadly, it is always because they have a favour to ask of you which usually comes in the form of a request for a free holiday!!!!! Sad isn’t it? But what is heartbreaking is that they are Christians.

I am very slow to make friends but once they become friends they are for life but unfortunately my experience with phantom friends has taught me that you can only have a couple of friends for life. The rest are just acquaintances.

After much prayer, I have decided to let go of my phantom friends. It is a painful decision but this is an abuse of relationship.