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Don’t worry Darling, Relax!

Those were the words from the Mhinisteir when I asked him what time his first appointment was this morning.

Just as I was putting the kettle on to get the breakfast ready (I am a traditional wife by choice), I heard a car…… Mmmm the postman is very early today, I said to myself. Then I heard the car engine turn off and suddenly it dawned on me that it could be the Mhinisteir’s first appointment! Oh my goodness! I was still in my jimjams and the Mhinisteir hadn’t had his breakfast and I haven’t got the “hospitality” tray ready!

The door bell rang and yes it was the Mhinisteir’s first appointment from another Diocese. I scrambled to put together the “hospitality” tray and went ahead to have breakfast on my own.

Later when I saw him after the meeting, my first question to him was so what time was the meeting?! To which he replied…. I still don’t know!!!!!!!!